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Alexa Rivera Downloads and DVDs


Full Length Movie Downloads

Baby still.jpg
Girl Power! Baby Showers w/ Alexa Rivera
Kids still.jpg
Girl Power! Kids Themes with Alexa Rivera

Individual Recipe Downloads

Quinceanera Shoes - GPQ_edited.jpg
Pretty in Pink Canopy - GPQ_edited.jpg
Crystal Dreams - GPQ_edited.jpg
Super Hero Arch of Triumph - GPKT_edited
Tiaras and Tutus - GPKT_edited.jpg
Quinceanera Shoes
by Alexa Rivera
Pretty in Pink Dance Floor by Alexa Rivera
Crystal Dreams Fabric
by Alexa Rivera
Super Hero Arch
by Alexa Rivera
Tiaras and Tutus
by Alexa Rivera
Teapot Gazebo - GPKT_edited.jpg
Stork - GPBS_edited.jpg
Baby Carriage - GPBS_edited.jpg
Sunday Best Baby - GPBS_edited.jpg
Pretty in Pink Archway - GPBS_edited.jpg
Teapot Gazebo
by Alexa Rivera
Stork Sculpture
by Alexa Rivera
Baby Carriage
by Alexa Rivera
Sunday Best Baby
by Alexa Rivera
Pretty in Pink Archway
by Alexa Rivera
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