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Oversize, Simplify and WOW Your Customers

Oversize, Simplify and WOW Your Customers

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While this class was originally intended to focus on simple, larger than life sculptures, it took an interesting turn. During the course of this video, international balloon icon Ken "Flash" Stillman teaches you how you can inflate larger balloons and hide the framework INSIDE the balloons themselves. Yes, you read that correctly. Your poles are hidden INSIDE the inflated balloons!

Watch as Ken assembles a snowman balloon sculpture, all with completely simple shapes yet structurally sound with internal support. You'll flip when you see how ultimately simple it is. And you'll laugh out loud more than once at Ken's own brand of unique humor. This is a video that should be in every balloon sculptor's collection.
  • Details

    Running time: 75 minutes

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a live recording of a classroom setting at a convention. While the instructor does wear a microphone for clarity, some audio portions from the class may be difficult to hear due to the live nature of the recording.
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