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Private Class - Drive Thru Arch

Private Class - Drive Thru Arch


Join Steve and Alexa of Balloon Designers as they guide you through the process of building a balloon arch large enough for all standard vehicles to drive through withOUT helium and strong enough to resist wind and rain issues!


During the course of this private, one-on-one session you'll learn all the mechanics involved with constructing this arch: inflation and sizing tips, the double lock secure method, time saving tips when prepping your piece and easy installation when on site. Steve and Alexa can install one of these arches in 15 minutes or less when on location, and after this class you will be able to as well!


This is NOT a video....this is a live, interactive class with Steve and Alexa where you can ask questions and get immediate feedback during the 60-minute course.


También disponible en español


Class time will be scheduled according to availability of all parties involved.


Private classes are not accessible to individuals or businesses residing or working within 100 miles of Seattle, Washington.

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