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Rigging...What Goes Up Must NOT Come Down

Rigging...What Goes Up Must NOT Come Down

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We all know balloons can be as light as a feather, but decor can be downright heavy! And if you don't know the proper techniques to rigging, you could find yourself with drooping decor, an angry client, potential injuries and more...

So join Rob Stiff, CBA, as he guides you through the essentials of safe rigging. During the course of this video, Rob will discuss the various types of lines, lifts and ladders that will lead you to lots more jobs. Rob also spends a great deal of time going over possible situations nearly every balloon decorator might encounter at a venue. So don't let rigging get the best of you. Get a grip...literally!
  • Details

    Running time: 75 minutes

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a live recording of a classroom setting at a convention. While the instructor does wear a microphone for clarity, some audio portions from the class may be difficult to hear due to the live nature of the recording.
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