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Vicky Kimble's Twisted Blessings

Vicky Kimble's Twisted Blessings

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$10.00Sale Price
It's time to spread the Good Word!! Once again, Vicky Kimble, CBA, joins you on a journey through her twisted world of balloon creations. In this edition, she shares with you a subject very near and dear to her heart, her faith and devotion to God. Whether you use your balloons to spread the message or just want to celebrate your own faith, this DVD is a MUST HAVE for you!!
  • Details

    Running time: 90 minutes

    Skill level: All

    DVD includes an outtakes segment and bonus design
    Star of David
    Dove of Peace
    Rainbow in the Clouds
    Sacrificial Lamb
    Christian Cross
    Christmas Tree
    Balloosion Candy Cane
    Balloosion Ichthus Fish
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