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Vicky Kimble's Twisted Cuisine

Vicky Kimble's Twisted Cuisine

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So you're hungry for new twisted designs? Are you hoping to expand your own menu of balloon creations? Then join Vicky Kimble, CBA, for the third installment of her "Twisted" series. This time around, Vicky takes you through a tour of her balloon "kitchen" with several original culinary delights sure to tickle your latex pallet! As always, Vicky shares with you her own special "balloosion" techniques which are sure to spice up any twisted recipe.
  • Details

    Running time: 90 minutes

    Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Balloosion Bacon and Eggs
    Baby Watermelon Bowl
    "Bubba"loon Burger and Fries
    Veggie Pizza with a Twist
    Lobster Balloonese
    Light as Air Meringue Tart
    Nutty Caramel Apple
    Pretzels and Root Beer
    True Blue Sweet Tooth Beastie
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