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X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

Weaving has never been more versatile! Join Asi Cohen, CBA, as he takes you down the path towards “latex riches” with his unique approach to the popular X weave application. During the course of this video, you’ll learn numerous different techniques incorporating the X weave that will allow you to create literally thousands of designs. You’re only as limited as your imagination, so set sail for adventure as "X Marks the Spot!"
  • Details

    Techniques Covered in this Video:
    Basic X
    Sizing and Curvature
    Tubular Shapes
    Flattened X Weave
    Interlacing X Weave
    Multiple Interlacing
    Double X Weave
    Interlaced Double X
    Hex Weave
    3-D X Weave
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