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Centerpieces 101

Centerpieces 101

Most decorators will tell you that the real money with decor jobs sits right in the center of the table. So join Patty Sorell, CBA, as she takes you to school with "Centerpieces 101". During the course of this DVD, this award-winning balloon artist teaches you her secrets to designing incredible centerpieces that are both highly popular and highly profitable! Don't be late; Patty's going to teach you a lesson!
  • Details

    Running time: 90 minutes

    Skill level: All

    DVD includes an outtakes segment
    Sand Weight Centerpiece
    Gift Bag Centerpiece
    Balloons and Squiggles
    Tile Centerpiece
    Bow Centerpiece
    Using a Pick Machine
    Batter Up
    Pow! Zing! BAM!
    Happy New Year
    Hooray for Hollywood
    Let it Snow
    I Want My ETV!
    Additional Examples
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